Northern Sardinia

The territory of Northern Sardinia, and in particular the North-East, showing the pleasant combination of beauty between the characteristics of Gallura granite mountains and the beautiful sandy beaches mixed with large and small rocky coves.

Flora, fauna and archeology

An area rich in flora and fauna due to an ideal environment characterized by numerous waterways. A territory that, contrary to what you might think, has the largest number of historical attractions archelologiche of Sardinia linked, above all, the era nuragica. Just the archaeological site of Arzachena is the very important nuragic village of La Prisciona recently excavated and restored by Dr. Angela Antona of the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage for the provinces of Sassari and Nuoro.

Porto Cervo and the Costa Smeralda

Porto Cervo and the Costa Smeralda are certainly places that drive tourism in the north of Sardinia, and probably the whole island, but the northwestern coast is particularly rich in tourist attractions.

Isola Rossa, Costa Paradiso, Vignola, Capo Testa, Santa Teresa and Palau

The Costa Gallurese offers the romantic Isola Rossa, the breathtaking views of Costa Paradiso, the beautiful white beach of Vignola, the rocks overlooking the sea of Capo Testa and the famous resorts of Santa Teresa and Palau.

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